XTERRA Adventures Series 2020

XTERRA Adventures Series 2020

To compete in XTERRA is to experience some of the most spectacular locations on earth.
With hundreds of events across five continents from Tahiti to Taiwan, XTERRA’s racing calendar serves as a trail map to adventure for intrepid triathletes and trail runners looking to discover the planet.
Each episode in this Series will introduce a new theme with topics ranging from where XTERRA is today to where it all began, a fascinating historical introduction to the inaugural 1996 event, showcasing the inspiring journeys of athletes, the sports’ best rivalries, the triumphs and most dramatic moments and of course take a look at the majestic XTERRA destinations around the planet.

XTERRA Adventures Series 2020
  • XTERRA Adventures 2020 - Episode 1 - This is XTERRA

    What is XTERRA? Who are the people taking part in these endurance challenges?
    This is XTERRA takes an in-depth look into the ethos of XTERRA, showcasing who we are, where we go, what we believe in, and those who made it possible.

  • XTERRA Adventures 2020 - Episode 2 - The Beginnings

    Scott Tinley, Jimmy Riccitello, Ned Overend, Michellie Jones, Shari Kain, they were the pioneers, the modern-day explorers about to embark on an adventure to discover unknown territory.
    In Episode 2 we hear from these legends, and through their eyes and stories discover how XTERRA came to be.

  • XTERRA Adventure 2020 - Episode 3 - Inspiring Athletes

    Ever since Paul Martin conquered XTERRA Worlds on one-leg in 1996, athletes with all kinds of physical challenges have participated, persevered, and excelled in the sport.
    In this episode, we meet four of XTERRA's most inspiring athletes; Jamie Whitmore, Willie Stewart, Jiachao Wang, and Judy Ab...

  • XTERRA Adventures 2020 - Episode 4 - Dream Destinations

    In this episode of XTERRA Adventures viewers will be inspired by raw nature as they experience the sports’ “dream destinations” known for their ancient man-made structures and natural wonders, from a Renaissance-era town in the Bohemian Forest to the Tequila countryside in central Mexico.

  • XTERRA Adventures 2020 - Episode 5 - Top Plays

    XTERRA’s gnarliest crashes, most distinctive courses, closest finishes, and best rivalries are on display in an action-packed flashback to the sports’ all-time “Top Plays” on this episode of XTERRA Adventures.

  • XTERRA Adventures 2020 - Episode 6 - The Culture

    XTERRA is a Hawaiian-born sport and the feeling of Aloha has permeated it from the very beginning.
    Discover the camaraderie and community spirit of XTERRA and learn how it became much more than just a race on the next episode of XTERRA Adventures.