Wildcards PTO 2020 Championship series

Wildcards PTO 2020 Championship series

The wait is almost over. The strongest field in professional triathlon history is set for December 6th at the PTO 2020 Championship at CHALLENGEDAYTONA®.
Among them, 20 athletes with a wildcard, selected to join the start line and conquer one of the global sport’s most iconic venues, Daytona International Speedway®. All eyes will be on the biggest prize purse the triathlon world has ever seen.

In this series, we check in with Lucy Hall, James Cunnama, Tim Don, Renee Kiley, Henri Schoeman, Chris Leiferman and Danielle Lewis ahead of their trip to Daytona. Each of them is at a different stage of their career, each with their own story and challenges. The wildcard athletes talk about their preparation ahead of the big day and look back at the months leading up to the PTO 2020 Championship. Sam Renouf, the CEO of Professional Triathletes Organisation, explains the idea behind the wildcard category and viewers will also get insights on the anticipated performance from the Trirating’s Thorsten Radde.

Wildcards PTO 2020 Championship series
  • Wildcards Episode One

    In the first episode, we catch up with Lucy Hall in Leeds. Lucy represented team GB in London in 2012 and she is known for her super fast swim. Throughout lockdown 2.0 in the UK, she has been focusing on the second part of the race, working on her bike, executing a solid run and all important nut...

  • Wildcards Episode Two

    In the second episode, the Great British wildcard Tim Don reveals how his training weeks looked like in the lead up to the PTO 2020 Championship at CHALLENGEDAYTONA®. With every single day packed with numerous sessions, Mondays have been Tim’s only recovery days and these still included an easy ...

  • Wildcards Episode Three

    In this episode we catch up with Henri Schoeman in Durban, South Africa. Henri has had an impressive track record in the ITU distance and 2020 was a true rollercoaster year for him so far. His main focus this year has been on improving the running. Henri has been eyeing CHALLENGEDAYTONA® for the ...