Together Alone

Together Alone

3 Episodes

Accomplished triathletes, Caroline and Mark Livesey, pursue a different kind of challenge as they take on Canada Man/Woman 2019. Despite being trapped with their own thoughts for much of the race, this extreme triathlon also demands a dedicated support crew just to make the finish line. Emotions soar as both athletes experience very different races and witness an old friend tackle the mountain in true heroic style.

Together Alone
  • Together Alone Canada Man & Woman 2019 Episode 1 Purpose

    Episode 1

    Welcomed to Quebec by an old friend, seasoned triathletes Mark & Caroline Livesey prepare for Canada Man/Woman 2019. As race day approaches, it becomes clear this will be no ordinary long course and dependency on their support crew will be crucial.

  • Together Alone Canada Man & Woman 2019 Episode 2 Endurance

    Episode 2

    Starting the swim alongside one another, both Mark and Caroline ready themselves for a long day. As each approach transition two, after nearly six hours on the bike, they are in seemingly different states of both body and mind. The crew try their best to keep them in high spirits.

  • Together Alone Canada Man & Woman 2019 Episode 3 Resilience

    Episode 3

    The race is certainly still on for Caroline, where as Mark plunges deeply into survival mode. With Ray digging deep in the darkness, the course reveals why it is renowned as Canada’s toughest triathlon. All wait hopefully at the top of the mountain to see who makes the finish.