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  • Together Alone Boxset

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    Welcomed to Quebec by an old friend, seasoned triathletes Mark & Caroline Livesey prepare for Canada Man/Woman 2019. As race day approaches, it becomes clear this will be no ordinary long course and dependency on their support crew will be crucial.

  • The OCR World championships 2018

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    The 2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Championship takes place in Essex, with a weekend of testing routes that will challenge competitors from all around the world. The UK’s Jon Albon, already a multiple world champion, will be the target in the men’s event, while Canada’s Lindsay Webster is out ...

  • Patagonman XTRI

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    PATAGONMAN is a point to point race starting in the western part of Aysén, one of the most southern regions of Chile, then leading across the country and finishing in the eastern part of Chile, close to the border with Argentina. The course starts at the scenic Aysén Fjord, close to Puerto Chacab...

  • Phoenix of the Desert

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    Known as the Phoenix of the Desert, legendary Moroccan distance runner, and organiser of the Trans Atlas Marathon, Mohamad Ahansal takes on what is arguably his greatest challenge to date.